Spent Sulphuric Acid

Spent Acid is generated in the process of Manufacturing LABSA 90% . The concentration of Spent Acid produced is approximately  75% to 77 %  H2SO4.  



  • Synthetic detergent industries in formulation of Washing powder, Detergent powder, Detergent cake, Liquid Soap, Cleaning powder, Scouring Bar, Oil soaps etc.
  • Spent Acid is mainly used for manufacture of various fertilizers like SSP (Single Super Phosphate), DCP (Di Calcium Phosphate)
  • It is used in manufacturing of various Industrial Chemicals like Alum (Ferrous Sulphate) & Dyes & Pigments
  • It is also used in neutralizing Alkaline effluent in the E.T.P. Plants of Textile Processing Industries for re-cycling of water
  • It is also used in extraction of Lignin precipitate from the Black Liquor generated in processing of pulp of paper

Chemical Composition Of Spent Acid (% by Weight):

Test Test Value
Sulphuric Acid (as H2SO4) 75 ± 1%
Iron (Fe) 0.01
Copper Less than 0.0001
Zinc Less than 0.0001
Lead 0.001
Nitrate Less than 0.0002
Nitrite/ Ammonia 0.002
Chloride Less than 0.0005
Arsenic Less than 0.00001
Selenium 0.002
Manganese Less than 0.0001
Residue on Ignition 0.026
Organic Matter 0.01
Ammonia 0.00007
Water Content 24.50